Ladies, you know you need to “DO MONEY.” Are you integrating money learnies into your internet grazing schedule, like you totally know you should? If you haven’t, I understand. It’s a veritable shit-storm of distraction out there. 

Even within financial content spheres like Forbes or Wall Street Journal, log in once and you’re swept into a hurricane of troubling headlines (aptly nicknamed “screamers”). Even if you dip a toe into a site geared towards financial education, you’re bum-rushed with the ol’ bootstrapping narrative; “experts” rubbing your nose in your avocado toast or cinnamon-sprinkled latte, claiming they be the reason you don’t succeed. On sites for women, you’re more likely to get tips for saving on a brow wax than making real, actionable strides to build wealth. 

[Rant Incoming]


Always remember, “the news” does not disseminate information out of benevolence; ’tis not a charitable operation. Their job is quite literally to sell you to their advertisers. Their objective is to keep you hanging tight through a commercial break or clicking through to the next article. Don’t get me wrong; several news outlets and many journalists do wonderful, important and hard work; the work harder still because they’re required to conjure entertainment even when there is none. News agencies sometimes resort to “doom and gloom” and clickbait garbage covering celebrity weddings, celebrity divorce, celebrity hangnails, and natural disasters, cuz it’s easy and the general pop. eats that shize up. Ladez, I think you should read the news, I admire the hell out of journalists, and it is critical to democracy…

…But all this is in sharp opposition to what makes good financial education.

Like a little black dress and some pearls, the BEST financial education is timeless—but also hella boring. Therefore, it makes for bad articles for major news publications or television. So if you really want to learn, you need to be a little more clever than to log onto CNN and pray for money savviness by osmosis. Thankfully, there’s some really great stuff out there! The bloggers I love—mostly fellow millennial, female bloggers and podcasters, duh—are doing everything in their power to make financial education accessible and entertaining. They’re also talking about topics widely untouched by the grey-haired titans of financial advice, such as economic oppression, women and money, and race and money. 

I’ve now been blogging for a year. Part of my job is to read, a lot. As the second chapter of my Year in Review, I’d love to share my faves. I’ve chosen a variety so that you can feel out which writer or podcaster’s style best suits you. My recommendation? Read or listen to each of these in the next week. THAT’S RIGHT, ALL OF THEM. Bookmark a few faves or even better, sign up for their newsletters. Create some space to read about money a few times a week. It doesn’t have to take long. I’ve been in the business for ten years now, and am constantly learning; I recommend you do the same. 

Best Podcast Episode



The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money

If there is one concept I want you to understand about money and investing, it is this.


Favorite Financial Content Sites


The Financial Diet

Chelsea Fagan, Lauren Ver Hage, and crew are a tour-de-force of intelligent money-savvy women. Follow all that they do, and stay tuned for Chelsea and Lauren’s book—it’s sure to be stunning in every sense.


Rockstar Finance

The RF team scours the web for the best personal finance articles and emails them to you. If you need to imbibe more money content daily, this is an excellent place to start—so sign up for their newsletter, dag nabbit! 


Favorite Blogs


Site: Bitches Get Riches

Read: The Financial Advantage of Being White

This Doggy loves Piggy and Kitty, the brilliant women behind BGR. This world is beyond lucky to have them. Bookmark their entire catalogue, them’s orders. woof!


Site: Mixed Up Money

Watch: 40 Ways To Say No to Drinks With Friends

This video hits my hilarity unit because Alyssa used one of these excuses on me at #FinCon17 (our industry conference). As a side note, she took me under her wing because she knew I was a first-timer and I <3 her.


Site: Half-Banked 

Read: The Real Truth About How I Save Half My Income

Along with Mixed Up Money, Desirae is my other Canadian sister blogger. She won Best International Blog this year ’cause she’s whip-smart and funny and completely non-judgemental!


Site: Michelle is Money Hungry

Read: Michelle is Money Hungry

How come when men go after money, they’re “driven,” but when women do it, they have “ulterior motives?” Michelle reminds us it’s okay, as women, to shoot for more.

Site: Broke Millennial 

The Intersection of “Me Too” and Money

Erin is a pillar of the millennial personal finance community; double down on her expertise. Treating yourself to her book, Broke Millennial, is a great idea for your own New Years resolution. (Or read it with a friend!)


Site: Stefanie O’Connell

Read: The High Price of Perfectionism

Stefanie, my first-ever blogger friend, is another one of The Greats. Her social media game is top shelf. Follow her!


Site: Jen On Money 

Read: The Cure To Keeping Up With the Joneses Is Contemplating Death

Jen brings fresh perspective—in addition to being a lawyerly badass—and tackles money topics for young people in a world that’s not exactly set up for us to succeed.


Frugality and Minimalism


Site: Cait Flanders

Read: Everything (link to her archives)

Do minimalists kinda scare you, in theory? Me too. Like sorry, but I can’t live in a cardboard box and give up my family photos. I promise, Cait will only inspire you to live intentionally and be happier with less.

Site: Frugalwoods

You Can’t Buy Your Way To Green: How Frugality Is Environmentalism

You don’t have to want to go full-on fruges to learn from Mrs. Frugalwoods, a “rookie homesteader.” Her philosophy: “Through frugality, my family and I have created a life that we love living every single day–not a life beholden to consumerism or the drive for material perfection or the incessant clarion call for more.” 


Early Retirement

Reader, it is possible you haven’t heard of “FIRE,” or “Financial Independence Retire Early;” it is its own niche within the financial blogging/podcasting/writing universe.


Site: Our Next Life

Read: How To Make Saving For Early Retirement Not Feel Like A Sacrifice

If you’re new to the idea of FIRE (basically, not interested in working until you’re 70), start with Tanja.


Site: Adventure Rich

Read: “Money Options”: The Ability to Choose Your Adventure

Ms. Adventure Rich is truly a delight, and not just because she let me change into my Benjamin Franklin costume in her hotel room at FinCon.




Site: JL Collins 

Read: The Stock Series

If you read the Stock Series and have one of those bras that shoots lasers, you’d be able to take over the world, I am sure of it. It’s a lot, but it’s worth it. Make it your goal to get through in 2018.


Site: The Feminist Financier

Read: What Successful 30-Year-Olds Do With Their Money

Ms. Financier won “Best Investing Blog” of 2017. ‘Nuff said.


Getting Out of Debt


Site: Bravely

Read: Where To Start saying Off Your Debt (No Matter How Much Money You Make)

Kara is another woman that I genuinely adore. She is thoughtful, smart, and is willing to tackle the tough topics, like debt and privilege. If you’re in Austin, go to her events!


Site: Broke Girl Rehab

Watch: It’s Okay To F— Up, But Don’t Give Up

I saw Katasha speak at FinCon about her Dad’s death, and was blown away. She is a shining star and the perfect voice for people trying to figure out money through their own tough, unique situations.


Home Ownership

Site: Financial Best Life

Read: Everything Lauren Bowling writes on the topic—she’s thorough as hell.


Favorite Podcasts

Podcast: Afford Anything

Listen: Taking Radical Responsibility for Your Life—A Breakfast Chat with Emma Pattee

If you want hard, actionable items and a money guru who’ll whip you into financial shape, I recommend Paula Pant’s excellent podcast and blog. She’s also a rental property expert.


Podcast: The Fairer Cents

Listen: Women and Ambition

Kara from Bravely and Tanja from Our Next Life frikkin’ rule. Listen to every episode of The Fairer Cents for woke convos about women and money (and do it with the men in your life).


Favorite Articles


Women Aren’t Nags—We’re Just Fed Up

Writer: Gemma Hartley

Top read of the year, giving women the terminology to describe the daily frustration that’s so hard to describe.


Here’s What People Buy When They Spend Impulsively

Writer: Kristin Wong of The Wild Wong

Kristin Wong is a phenomenal money writer, and I wanna be just like her someday! (Also, read this article, especially if you’re *AHEM* getting a new package from Amazon every-other day.)


PSA: Your Girl-Power Consumerism Isn’t Feminism

Writer: Bree-Rody Mantha for The Financial Diet


*This is by no means an exhaustive list. I have so many more that I love!! But this is a great place to start.

**Today, I focused on blogs and podcasts, but I got lots of book recos too. Interested in those? Let me know!!



  1. Steveark on December 7, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    My theory, as a male, is that females have less interest because their value system is better prioritized than males. They have a better grasp on the importance of relationships and experiences over possessions which makes women awesome but also less motivated by greed. That’s just my mansplaining but I really do think it is a negative consequence that derives from an inherent superior trait. And that Kristin Wong writes some great stuff doesn’t she?

  2. Piggy on December 8, 2017 at 8:17 am

    We are so honored to be included in such a prestigious list! And I’m shocked I didn’t know about Stephanie O’Connell sooner. CONDRAGULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST YEAR OF BLOGGING!

  3. Veronika on December 8, 2017 at 8:59 am

    Fantastic list! So many of my faves here. Congrats on your one year milestone!

  4. Jen @ Jen on Money on December 16, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    Fanks for the recommendation, you brilliant woman. You keep me laughing, ALWAYS. <3

  5. Tanja @ Our Next Life on January 7, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    You rule so hard. Thanks so much for the shoutout — and for listening to TFC! 🙂 It makes us crazy happy to know that our fave ladies are tuning in. xoxoxo

  6. Michelle@MichelleIsMoneyHungry on February 14, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    Thank you so much for including me on this list! Also, I am excited to check out all of these amazing people on this list. It’s like you’re a mind-reader. I’m on the search for new blogs/podcasts to check out.