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Sexual Terror and How it Costs Women

sexual assault at workplace

“This happened to me in high school. I was waiting for my bus outside and he was leaning on the building right behind me, masturbating. I told my parents, and a few friends at school, and all I got was a shrug. Meanwhile, I had finals that day and obviously didn’t do well.” “This happened…

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Everyone Begins a n00b. Here’s How to Invest Your First $100

Babe Ruth had to swing his first baseball bat. Joey Chestnut, world-renowned competitive eater, had to eat his first hot dog. Kim Kardashian had to make her first, ahem, reality TV tape. You, a new investor, must make your first investment. We all have to start somewhere! The key is to just get started. Luckily,…

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Dumpster Dog Headquarters Relocation: Why I Moved to NYC

‘Cause I wanted to. THE END!! Okay, okay, just kidding. The change may seem abrupt to those who don’t know me personally. For those that haven’t religiously followed my journey, first of all, fuck you!!! What about all this [points to self dramatically] makes you think that I don’t need your constant love and affection?…

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Should You Use Ellevest? (Or Betterment, Wealthfront, Wealthsimple, etc)

I get loads of questions about the many options that exist in the investment universe. Many of which are to do with the “new internet FinTech companies” that’re out there spawnin’ like pregnant (male!!) seahorses. “Should I use Ellevest?” “Should I use Wealthfront?” “Should I use Betterment?” These are three of the most common questions I…

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Take My Investing Class, FOR FREE!! Scholarship Opportunity

Sometimes, it can feel difficult to improve your financial situation because there’s a barrier to accessing help and advice, especially when you’re a young person or don’t earn a ton. What’s frustrating is this is when we need help the most. I’m doing my best to change the status quo by offering an educational course…

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21 Mini Money Resolutions So You Actually Save More Moola This Year!!

save money new years resolution

I wrote a Grandpa’s nightshirt-long twitter thread about small things you can achieve, monthly, to actually succeed at your New Year resolution to save more money. I received a buncha requests to put them into a post, so here she is!! First, the rallying cry: And the instructions: That’s right, pick only one or two items…

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Here’s What The People Are Saying About Invested Development!!

Testimonials from my first winter Invested Development course are rollin’ in, and they’ve warmed this old hag’s heart. But I’m not sharing these because I enjoy giving my own horn a lil’ toot, but because I want y’all to see!! I know that taking a leap and making a purchase like this can be hard and…

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