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You Get What You Don’t Pay For: My Best Travel Adventure Ever

In ten days, I covered 900 miles of southern Patagonia with about twenty different “rides.” I suppose it should come as no surprise that of all the activities of which I spent a pretty penny during my year traveling through Latin America (the Inka Trail, Carnaval in Rio de Janiero, etc.), my favorite moments were…

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An Open Letter to Men Who Love to Smash That Pussy

Enlighted Gentlemen, thank you for joining me! Pull up a comfy chair and a snuggly blanket and grab a delicious, fruity drink (because fuck #toxicmasculinity). In a moment’s time I’ll be morphing into a bobcat in heat but know that above all else, I appreciate you and your time. To begin, I have a few…

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What to Do If the Next Decade in the Stock Market Totally Blows

Recently, the hotties* over at Vanguard said that they think that the stock market is probably going to suck some donkey dick in the next decade. (My words, not theirs.) And I tend to agree with them. *Us finance dweebs love Vanguard; they were one of the first to offer low-cost, index (non-managed) funds because…

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Is Traveling Just Materialism in a Clever Guise?

Most all popular online publications, especially those geared towards women, are reliable for one thing if nothing else: Listicles. Listicles are like the fireweed of online literature. They are pretty and appealing and are the first things to pop up after all other journalistic options are burned through. At least monthly, you’ll stumble across a…

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Avoiding Financial Regret: Grannies Give $$ Advice to Their Younger Selves

Floss, wear sunscreen, spend maximum time with loved ones, limit your social media time, eat kale EAT SO MUCH FUCKING KALE, boink as many people as possible before getting married, diversify your investment holdings. What do all of these things have in common? They’re things we do now to avoid the wicked pangs of Future Regret.…

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