Sometimes, it can feel difficult to improve your financial situation because there’s a barrier to accessing help and advice, especially when you’re a young person or don’t earn a ton. What’s frustrating is this is when we need help the most.

I’m doing my best to change the status quo by offering an educational course on investing for $199. My goal with the course is to get my students to a place where they feel confident in their ability to manage their money decisions. Though $199 for a course is significantly cheaper than paying for a financial advisor, I also know that not everyone can afford to spend money on a course about, well, money. That’s where my dear friend Josh comes in!!

Josh Overmyer is also a financial writer and ally, and recently approached me about providing a space for a young womxn (or anyone, really) to take my Invested Development course. Because he’s a freakin’ sweetie like that! Thanks to Josh, we’re giving away a spot in my course to someone who is excited to learn and get better with money. We’d love this spot to go to someone who wouldn’t have access to financial education and advisement otherwise.

This scholarship will be for the April Wednesdays class, which takes place at 7:00 pm PST. The class is all online, so you can take it without ever leaving the ass-groove in your couch. Here’s more info on the course.


1. Write a sentence about a financial setback you’ve experienced

2. Write a sentence about a financial goal you have

Or, tell us anything else you think is important! A few sentences is plenty! We just want to hear a little bit about you, no need to write anything formal. We’re your friends and just want to help!!

DEADLINE: March 14th

Email your entry to, and Josh and I will announce the winner on March 15th.

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