I feel like I always knew I’d make it into the British tabloids, I just didn’t think it would be for eating trash.

On the fourth of July, my sister—a recent London transplant!—sent me a link to an article on my Dumpster Dog story in the Daily Mail, which is the United Kingdom’s second-largest newspaper by circulation. Over the course of the day, I watched as the story was printed in three additional rags; the Daily Mirror (third largest by circulation), the Metro, and last but not least, Ladbible.

The articles are rife with typos, misquotes, and blurry truths—if you read my original Dumpster Dog story you know I did not ingest $30,000 worth of trash—but I don’t care; these headlines are gold. Check them out, below:

The Daily Mail: Thrifty woman saves $30,000 in eight months by eating out of the TRASH allowing her to quit her job to travel the world

Metro: Amanda Holden saved £23,000 in eight months after eating other people’s leftovers

Ladbible: Woman Managed To Save £23k By Eating Co-Workers’ Leftovers

And my personal favorite:

The Daily Mirror: Thrifty traveller funded round-the-world trip by feasting on leftovers dumped in the bin at work

Between The Daily Mail and Ladbible, the story was shared over 8,000 times! Pretty exciting stuff 🙂