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Work, Anxiety, and Why I Became an Entrepreneur (It’s Not What You Think)

Money, Anxiety, Work

Last Thursday, I spoke on the intersection of money, stress, and entrepreneurship for a Plutus Voices event in NYC. Here’s the text! I want to…


Sexual Terror and How it Costs Women

sexual assault at workplace

“This happened to me in high school. I was waiting for my bus outside and he was leaning on the building right behind me, masturbating.…


Everyone Begins a n00b. Here’s How to Invest Your First $100

There was a whole lot of financial tom-fuckery happening as recently as 50 years ago. Women weren’t allowed to open credit cards, banks actively denied…


Your Financial Order of Operations: Where the Hell Do I Even Begin?

credit cards suck

Alright. You’ve resolved to get your money life in order. I’m here to tell you what to do first. At this point I know someone…


Dumpster Dog Headquarters Relocation: Why I Moved to NYC

‘Cause I wanted to. THE END!! Okay, okay, just kidding. The change may seem abrupt to those who don’t know me personally. For those that…


Should You Use Ellevest? (Or Betterment, Wealthfront, Wealthsimple, etc)

I get loads of questions about the many options that exist in the investment universe. Many of which are to do with the “new internet…


Take My Investing Class, FOR FREE!! Scholarship Opportunity

Sometimes, it can feel difficult to improve your financial situation because there’s a barrier to accessing help and advice, especially when you’re a young person…


21 Mini Money Resolutions So You Actually Save More Moola This Year!!

save money new years resolution

I wrote a Grandpa’s nightshirt-long twitter thread about small things you can achieve, monthly, to actually succeed at your New Year resolution to save more…


Here’s What The People Are Saying About Invested Development!!

Testimonials from my first winter Invested Development course are rollin’ in, and they’ve warmed this old hag’s heart. But I’m not sharing these because I…


Why Your Man is Not a Financial Plan

I know more women than I can count that let their male partners do the “big” and “important” financial tasks, like investing for retirement. Yes,…