Testimonials from my first winter Invested Development course are rollin’ in, and they’ve warmed this old hag’s heart. But I’m not sharing these because I enjoy giving my own horn a lil’ toot, but because I want y’all to see!! I know that taking a leap and making a purchase like this can be hard and scary—what are you getting yourself into, anyway??—and I thought that sharing some words from my previous graduates (!!!) might help put your mind at ease and even inspire you.

I created this course for you—the young, busy lass who wants to take control of her finances and feel empowered and confident. Splurging on financial education can feel strange, but there is truly nothing that will pay more in dividends down the line. Yes, you can cobble together a financial education on the interwebs, or through dusty, boring finance books. (But will you actually do it?? Be honest with yourself!!) OR,  you can have me force your ass into a chair 4x while I hand-feed you the most important investing concepts, served up with (attempts at) humor, action items, and a little thing called ACCOUNTABILITY.

Before we dive in, here are all the hot deets on the Invested Development course. It’s an investing 101 (and then some) course taught by yours truly. It’s live, but there are vids if you miss a class. Classes are small so I can answer questions. I try real hard to make it fun, and I want you to walk away happy and confident!!!

Okay, without further ado, the word on the streets. I didn’t even make any of these up!!! I’ve posted them in all their unabridged glory as not to tamper with anyone’s message.

Invested Development Course Testimonials


“My level of ignorance towards investing was pretty shameful. Amanda’s talk and course has changed the way I think about investing, and money in general. She emphasizes investing theory and truly wants you to understand the material rather than just telling you which buttons to click. Her delivery is digestible–equal parts crass and clever. A beautiful, entertaining combination. I’ll continue to sign up for whatever Amanda puts out into the world. She’s f**king brilliant.”


“Amanda’s Invested Development course helps make highly digestible brain nuggets out of the convoluted and frankly scary investing topics for the everyday woman. My understanding of the investment world will only compound now with the solid foundation Amanda has taught me through her Invested Development course. Since taking Amanda’s Invested Development course, retirement is no longer this unsolvable mystery to me. I now know the easy and even relatively small steps I can take to make retirement a reality.”


“If you’re clueless about investing Amanda can help you and keep you laughing along the way. She’s there to coach you through making moves with your money and wants to see you succeed. I would take this class again.”


“The course was great—it was entertaining, informative, and I really learned a lot. It made investing feel much less intimidating and cleared up a lot of the murky areas around financial planning. I felt like the price was a bargain and would have been willing to pay twice as much.”


“The Invested Development course sheds light on some of the most important and least focused on topics for many young women. Admittedly a daunting topic, Amanda finds relatable ways to not only teach the content, but more importantly ensure it will stick to actually be put to good use. What is the point of learning anything if you don’t remember it next week?! It helped me immediately find ways to invest smarter by saving money on hidden and unnecessary fees associated with my 401k investments my employers had completed for me. Most importantly, this class is FUN!!! She’s freaking hilarious and understands her audience in order to be most impactful for their long-term benefit. Take this course- you will thank her after (and when you are 100 and still living off that hard-earned dough ;).”


“Taking this course was the easily the best decision I have made so far to prepare my financial future. Not only was it incredibly informative, but the material was also delivered in such an engaging way that I found motivational and empowering. Thanks, Amanda, for making investing and long-term financial planning such an approachable (and even fun!) topic. Side note: I’ve been talking about financial planning so much my boyfriend has been calling me ‘Finance Daddy.'”


“Invested Development is a must for all women looking to improve her financial security but who doesn’t know where to start. The class breaks down complex financial info into bitesize content that’s easy to understand. Amanda uses humor and relatable everyday situations to make learning about finance fun, engaging, and memorable. I wish I could have taken the class 15 years ago.”


“The Invested Development course breaks down everything you need to know about the basics of investing in non-technical/non-scary terms. I feel much more confident navigating my accounts and knowing what I need to do so that my future self can retire in style!”


“The Invested Development course provided me with all the tools I needed to create my own actionable personal investing plan. What’s more, the course made a dense and jargon-filled topic accessible, all due to work Amanda puts in to explain concepts in an entertaining and organized manner. This course puts every blank-stare HR 401K presentation to shame!”


“I found this course incredibly helpful. Learning about investing was something I avoided because I was overwhelmed, confused, and honestly just bored sometimes trying to figure it out. I feel like now I have a basic understanding that will make it much less intimidating to make some decisions about my financial and investing future. Can’t recommend enough.”


“Invested Development is a crash course in getting your finances in order and understanding long-term investing strategies – in a fun and relatable way. Amanda is insightful and dynamic; she makes the content entertaining and digestible. This course is useful for beginners as well as a refresher and assessment for individuals later in their careers. I looked forward to the sessions and found myself talking with friends about the different concepts we covered in each session.”


“Amanda is such a fun person to learn (or re-learn) the basics of investing with. I’m not completely new to this, but she made me look at how I’ve been investing with new eyes, and it turns out I’ve not been doing as well as I thought I had. Taking her class was a great personal investment, and I wish I had been able to take it 20 years ago! I’d be in much better shape today.”


“This was such a great class. Amanda made the material and format so approachable—I could take the class, even with a wild 2-year-old running around! Thank you for kicking my butt int gear and making me excited about my next steps for making the most of my money!!”


“Amanda makes a topic like investing not only easy to understand but also really fun to learn. Yes, I said fun! I looked forward to the class each time. The format is great because she tailors the content so it relates to you or your classmates’ specific circumstances, which helps to see how the information works in practice. I walked away feeling confident in my knowledge and ready to take the next steps — very empowering.”

Have more questions? Never hesitate to ask.

Here is all the information you need on the Invested Development course!!  I hope you’ll consider investing in yourself and your future in 2019.