stock market course

I'll learn about investing. Tomorrow.

Says everyone ever.

If you're like most people, you'd rather do anything—ANYTHING—than think about long-term financial planning. (Especially when there's Netflix. And socializing. And oh look, this very large sack of potatoes that needs peeling!! Seriously, anything.)

We're all so busy, and this is one boring chore that's way too easy to put off until tomorrow.

Worse, it can feel like you're the dumbest person in the room when people throw around fancy terms you don't understand (because you were never taught). So what do you do? You keep quiet. But by staying quiet, you're ignoring something major: Your future. Your ability to retire.

And ultimately, your motherfucking freedom!!!

What if I told you that there's a way to completely flip the script? Finally, feel confident in your ability to plan for the future. Learn long-term investing strategies. Get up to speed on the most important investing concepts. And yes, have fun while doing it!



Invested Development to the rescue!

You're right for Invested Development if:

  • You're ready to figure out how to get as much money out of your employer as possible
  • You want to finally understand the difference between a Roth IRA and 401(k)
  • You want to learn investing terms like stocks, bonds, asset allocation, mutual funds, and how to apply them in your accounts
  • You want to understand all of the options for investing (robo-advisors, Robinhood, etc)
  • You want to know how to deal with stock market crashes (and there will be many crashes)
  • You want to feel confident that you're doing the right thing for your future
  • You want to learn who to trust and where to go for money and financial advice
  • You're ready for your own personal investing plan
  • You want to learn how to invest in a socially responsible way
  • You identify as a woman (or, don't mind learning about specific roadblocks women face)
  • You want to have fun while learning something valuable!!


For those who want to learn at their own pace! You can watch the videos over the course of a year or you can binge in a day (although that's a lot of Dumpster Doggy)!

  • 12-part video series
  • Homework, worksheets, and additional materials included
  • Designed to be taken over a six-week period


By signing up for this course, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as stated here.



The course comes with the option to add an hour of one-on-one coaching. (Adding on an hour of coaching when you buy the course is much cheaper than buying an hour at a later date. My hourly rate is $250/hour.)


Amanda’s talk and course has changed the way I think about investing, and money in general. Her delivery is digestible: equal parts crass and clever. A beautiful, entertaining combination. I’ll continue to sign up for whatever Amanda puts out into the world. She’s f**king brilliant."


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My name is Amanda Holden, also known as the Dumpster Doggy.

I’m a finance writer, speaker, and educator. After working for six years in investment management as an Investment Counselor — where my job was to talk to old rich dudes about their money — I'd had enough, and quit my job to travel through Latin America. I thought I was leaving my career in finance behind, but witnessing women at a consistent financial disadvantage changed my mind. I’ve returned to finance to get this critical information to the demographic that I care most about: young women.

"The course was great—it was entertaining, informative, and I really learned a lot. It made investing feel much less intimidating and cleared up a lot of the murky areas around financial planning. I felt like the price was a bargain and would have been willing to pay twice as much."


You can keep doing what you're doing:

Letting your eyes glaze over when you open your 401(K) statements. Tuning out whenever you happen to hear someone mention the stock market or mutual funds. But do you really want to live up to that stereotype? That women just aren't "that good" at investing, money, and math? Come on! You know the truth: nobody—really nobody—cares about your money as much as you do. And if you don't take care of your financial future, no one will.

Or, take control and end up a confident, investing badass you know you can be.

"If you’re clueless about investing Amanda can help you and keep you laughing along the way. She’s there to coach you through making moves with your money and wants to see you succeed. I would take this class again."


"Invested Development is a crash course in getting your finances in order and understanding long-term investing strategies - in a fun and relatable way. Amanda is insightful and dynamic; she makes the content entertaining and digestible. This course is useful for beginners as well as a refresher and assessment for individuals later in their careers. I looked forward to the sessions and found myself talking with friends about the different concepts we covered in each session."


"The Invested Development course provided me with all the tools I needed to create my own actionable personal investing plan. What’s more, the course made a dense and jargon-filled topic accessible, all due to work Amanda puts in to explain concepts in an entertaining and organized manner. This course puts every blank-stare HR 401K presentation to shame!"


"I found this course incredibly helpful. Learning about investing was something I avoided because I was overwhelmed, confused and honestly just bored sometimes trying to figure it out. I feel like now I have a basic understanding that will make it much less intimidating to make some decisions about my financial and investing future. Can’t recommend enough."


"The Invested Development course sheds light on some of the most important and least focused on topics for many young women. Admittedly a daunting topic, Amanda finds relatable ways to not only teach the content, but more importantly ensure it will stick to actually be put to good use. What is the point of learning anything if you don’t remember it next week?! It helped me immediately find ways to invest smarter by saving money on hidden and unnecessary fees associated with my 401k investments my employers had completed for me. Most importantly, this class is FUN!!! She’s freaking hilarious and understands her audience in order to be most impactful for their long-term benefit. Take this course- you will thank her after (and when you are 100 and still living off that hard earned dough ;)."